Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp


1.Free of cost;

Whats App is having this great advantage that it’s completely free of cost and u don’t have too pay for it. U can use it easily if just u are having an internet connection wifi or Mobile data or anything .

2.Data Transfer;

U can easily share  any type of data u want to transfer using this app easily with out any G mail log in or without any type of expenditures wether they are pics, videos or documents only of u are having a net connection . It is a very easy way for data transfer without any complications .

*U can even send pictures with out even compressing the pics . It’s a simple way u just have to click on documents instead of pics folder than select the picture and click the send button.

3.Add Free App;

Nowadays this is a big problem for every internet user that where ever u go whether it’s a website or an app while using internet but this app is completely free from such problems and u never see any type of add on this app .

4.User Friendly;

Many apps are their in market which are very complex and very difficult to use but in case of  Whats app the case is not like this it has very clear options and easy for any sort of user that’s why it’s user friendly.

5.Filter’s ;

Do u guys know that whatsapp is also having editing filters like snap speed or Instagram or Prisma or any other app . U just when open a pic on  editing screen just swipe up to go to apply filter’s collection .

6.Location’s transfer;

Let’s see another wonderful advantage of whats’app and that’ the thing that u can share your exact  location using what’s app to anyone and u can just find someone just by having an internet connection.

7.Business version;

Recently it’s version of business was update and that means that companies can access to their clients and deal with them using whatsapp and that is facilitating many people in the world.

8.Platform’s Availibility;

Whatsapp is available for almost every platform. It has dedicated apps for Andriod ,IOS,Windows phone ,Nokia and Jio phone .

Dis Advantages

1.No content violation set up;

This is a very disturbing dis advantage of whatsapp that any one can send you anything only if he is having ur contact and it will straight come to your inbox with out any disturbance .Many people disturb u by sending irrelevant things or bad things which u hate.


If we have a look at it tht’s also an issue that if someone got your number he can send u messages and can see your profile and can get it even if you don’t want they misuse it and u can have serious problems with it.

3.Data Usage;

Your huge amount of data can be consumed using whatsapp wether you are using Mobile data or wifi doesn’t matter if u are added in groups and there transfer of large amount of data is happening .

4.On line App;

This is also a problem that it’s usage can only be done only and only if you are having an Internet connection . Without internet this application is useless .

5.No self destruction;

In many messaging apps there are options for self destructing messages  like Telegram, Line, Snap chat, Dust. Whats app have no feature like that.

6.Up dates ;

Updates for this app is also a problem because u have to update it regularly whenever it’s update comes otherwise u can’t use this app that’s also a problem for it’s users.

7.Smart phone ;

U can use it only on smart phone that’s also a problem for users because if u want to use this app u must have a mobile phone because otherwise u can’t use this app and get benefit’s from this application.

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