Business WhatsApp Account Uses and Feautures

Whatsapp the largest used worldwide texting platform is now with a version to use for business. You can use it to contact your clients and for marketing of your company and to deal with your clients and to deliver them great customer care. Let’s get into the article to know more about whatsapp business and its valuable uses.

Reasons you should try to use this feature;

  • The first thing I will tell you is that its sheer audience size makes this app appealing for users. This is especially very true if you are in Brazil or India which has 120 Million and 300 Million active users respectively and 85% Dutch smartphones and 85% Italians and same ratio of Spaniards. Anyway it has a very large market of more than 1.5 Billion active users.
  • Another reason is, it is very useful for customer service channel. This application provides facility to community managers to engage with customers quickly and easily. It’s also free for brands if they have a response time under 24 hours.
  • This app is underrated as a digital communication channel but if we look into facts and figures accurately only its status users are more than 450 million per day while messaging groups is another story and 1:1 comms can build relationships with users that strengthen brand quality.
  • WhatsApp has a very powerful marketing. From messaging leads to paid notifications. There are many strategies you must try.

Features of whatsapp Business;

  • Greeting text; you can save a greeting message in your business whatsapp and whenever someone will contact you it will automatically send a greeting text.
  • Profile for your Business; You can create a profile for your business or company which could be seen by everyone and you can add certain information about your business and location and URL,E mail, address and logo and many more things.
  • Business Report; You can see business report about your company including whole data of sent messages and received messages and delivered texts, read texts.
  • Labels; you can add custom colored labels to active chats for users to be organized.
  • Messages for being offline; you can send the messages to your users when you are offline to inform them.
  • Fast Replies; you can send quick replies to your clients by saving the information with “/” like “/contact number” and they will automatically receive a test message with 0347 7868987.

EFFECTIVE USES Of Business WhatsApp;

  • Using whatsapp for marketing;

Whatsapp is an excellent tool for promoting your company or website or marketing whatever you call it because using this app you can directly communicate to your customers.

It is simply an excellent way to communicate and deal with your old committed and trustable users and deal with them rather than approaching new users because it’s irritating when you receive a text from an unknown number.

If you really want to promote your business whatsapp you  need to be really creative or many designers people which can help you like you can paste contact number on your logo and for example if you are marketing shoes you can send beautiful pictures of shoes on which contact number is written.

  • Whatsapp for food;

You can also use this account for ordering your food, like many restaurants are using it and their food items are displayed and it’s a very comfortable way to have any type of food.

  • Government Services;

In many parts of the world whatsapp is also used for government services to facilitate their people. Like in India it is being used by Delhi Police. In united Arab Emirates and many governments are using this app to facilitate their people hence it has been proved as a very useful update.

  • For Communicating with clients;

This version is also being used to communicate with their clients by many companies. Like before this companies used to mail or call their clients and if we look people feel it irritating to respond an unknown number or an unknown g mail rather than a small message on whatsapp. This has also become easy to contact and deal with their clients for companies by a short message instead of long procedures.

  • Usage for team communications;

Many companies has a large number of workers and they contact by mail or other sources but companies sometimes want to update and it is opposed by team because it is difficult for many people to learn but in this case everyone knows how to use whatsapp and they support this application to communicate in between team of different sites or companies. It has provided a lot of ease to the team members to communicate.



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