History and Introduction Of WhatsApp


Whatsapp commonly known as what’s up is a social networking app. It is a worldwide famous app for contacting between each other.It’s made on the contact of number of people. It’s the most used app for chatting worldwide .


It was basically invented by two people Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. They both were working together in Yahoo till 2007 and then they both worked on formation for an Iphone App after seeing the potential of its users and it’s importance at that time and for coming future too.


It was basically found on 4th February 2009 in California.Later on it has been updated many times to improve it’s standard and add new features.It was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 at  approximately 19.3 billion dollar (US).It became the most popular chatting application in 2015.It has been very popular in PAKISTAN ,BRAZIL rather whole  asia and Europe and United Kingdom and now in the complete world.

Logo :

Whatsapp logo was designed at the start of whatsapp application in 2009 by it’s owners Koum and Acton itself .It’s effectiveness and it’s beauty is that from the start of whatsapp in 2009 till now it has not been changed till now even whatsapp itself has been sold in 2014 but even after that it’s logo has not changed .

In its logo there are two main elements :

*Text Bubble:

It is formally a simble which shows that this app is a chatting app because text bubbles are those signs which u see while reciving or sending text on the right or left corner .

*call sign:

This sign shows that this app is also used  used for calling . Because u have seen that we can do (Audio+Video) calls in this app easily and this app can also be used for group calling after it’s recent  update .

So, this logo is very appropriate and good for this app that’s why it has not been changed till yet .


Earlier in 2009 when it came in market it’s features were very less because when u see it’s latest version now that is totally different from it’s first one.Many features has came from time to time it was being updated like if we see earlier their were no such functions as sharing pictures ,videos,documents,and etc like group calling and in 2018 it’s business version was also a new surprise in market because with the help of this version companies whats app account can be created and they can talk to their clients easily and they can deal with them online using this app .After this it has also became a source of earning for many people.

Way too success:

It was initially launched after a lot of experiments and failures in start of 2009.Then it was released out on it’s beta version for Iphone users on 4 February 2009 and in December 2009 it’s version for Black Barrey was released and Finally in 2010 It’s version for android was also released .

It became more famous after being owned by Facebook in 2014 .Now it is the world wide famous app for chatting and it’s users have now increased and are approximately more than 1.5 billion people.It has now became the 2nd most popular social networking app .And it is also being used in 200 plus countries of the world and now due to it’s  new features updates it’s revenue has increased up to a large ratio from past.It’s total estimated revinue is 5Billion dollar and it means that if u make it per a single user the earning it will be nearly 4$  per a single user estimated.

At the peak under this model the estimsted counted users are 700 Million users worldwide; it’s yearly income can be guessed by $700 million per year in this era.

This was the shortly written story about the history of whats app and it’s journey too success from failure.

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