How To Join & Create WhatsApp Groups



A group is simply called as the collection of anything. Whatsapp groups are an important feature of this app which is a great facility to its users. You can create any type of groups you want or join any types of groups, like family groups, class groups and poetry and many more informative groups.

Whatsapp has a large number of groups like if you want to join any sort of club related to anything for example if you are interested in sports you will join a sports group, it could be informative group or poetry or whatever links are available their just click on the link and you will be added in the group. Now enjoy By Joining WhatsApp Group. Let’s see about their advantages creation and joining,

Creation of Groups;

This feature is a very important feature of whatsapp, now I’ll tell you about the creation of groups, that how groups are created.

There is no difficulty in it if you know the procedure otherwise keep reading the article it’s going to help you a lot.

  1. First of all open your whatsapp account then click in the three dotted button in the top right corner of your app and then click on the first option create group and then whatsapp will show you all the contacts in your cellphone and then will ask to add all those participants you want. Now add those people according to your choice and group made like sometimes it’s a school group or family group or whatever and your first step completes here.
  2. Now the whatsapp will ask you to name the group then name it whatever you want.
  3. Now the third and the final step is to add the profile picture and your group is completed and now you will add its setting if you want.
  4. After the creation of group you will set it’s privacy like sometimes every one can but sometimes only admin approves the request of new members and sometimes admin add few more members as admin and they can also add or kick out any member.

Joining of groups;

In this article you will know how to join groups on whatsapp. Let’s get into the detail to see how it will work

  • One way is to simply go to Google and search which groups you want to join. Their thousands of groups are available you will join according to your need, like if you want to see dramas then you will see groups with name and then if you want to join any sports group then click on its link and you will automatically join the group because the groups which are available on Google their privacy is not strict and you can easily join the group by link.
  • If you want to be added simply in your close group or any friends then ask any member to add you in the group and you will simply be added in the group or if the privacy is strict you will tell the friend who has already joined the group to tell the admin and he will add you in the group.

Advantages of WhatsApp Groups;

  1. Connectivity;

You can send messages in any part of world using groups.

  1. Calling;

You can call many people at a time audio or video in any part of world by just having the internet connection and it does not cost you too much so it’s pretty cheap than calling on number in other countries. You can also enjoy by calling with your family members or friends together and can enjoy a lot using this awesome feature of whatsapp.

  1. Easy Reply;

                        If you are asked different questions, you can answer them separately and easily by mentioning them.

  1. Data Sharing;

You can share any type of data Audios, Videos or files in any part of the world just by one tap in your groups.

  1. Broadcasting;

You can also edit the people whom you want to keep your messages private and whom you want to show your message, like there are situations when you have to keep things private from few people. So this is another awesome advantage of what groups.

I hope you enjoyed our informative article……

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