How To Use WhatsApp At PC Desktop


Whatsapp commonly known as what’s up is know the most used worldwide texting app. This is not only famous for just texting rather it has many more awesome features too and it has been upgraded many times and still being upgraded with time to time.

It has more than 1.5 billion active users in the world and they are continuously increasing with the passage of time. But in this article we have focused on its two awesome features and that’s how to use whatsapp on your pc or laptop. Few people know about its use with browser on pc but I’ll tell you how to install whatsapp in your pc or laptop and how to use it with the help of browser too in both ways.

Let’s check how it would be done.

Use of whatsapp on PC with browser;

It’s a very easy way, let’s see how it works. Simply open whatsapp web with the help of any browser on your pc or laptop and then it will show you a code to scan and then open your whatsapp in your mobile and click on the 3 dotted button in top right corner and it will show you different option and you will click on whatsapp web and now from mobile scan it to laptop. After the completion of scanning on pc, your whatsapp will open on laptop and is ready to use. Now do your work and then click on log out from device after the completion of your work. It was the simple way to use whatsapp for pc without installation now we will move on to next way.

Install whatsapp and use it on PC;


To install and use whatsapp in your laptop or for pc the first step you will do is to install an android emulator known as Blue stack app player and there are two type of blue stack app player normal or thin. Whatever you choose it’s your choice but I have installed thin blue stacks app player.

  • Install this player;

Now you need to install this player to go for using whatsapp on pc and while installing many people receive errors. Like sometimes your error is your drivers don’t support this file, first update them then use it. Doesn’t worry about it just ignore it and click ok but sometime you receive error about storage then you have to make it. Take care that this player at least need 2 GB storage and you must have it to install.

  • Downloading;

Now the 3rd step is to go to the player you have installed in your pc or laptop and then you will see different apps their but you will simply click on whatsapp and it will start downloading. Now wait for the completion of downloading.

  • Installing whatsapp;

After you have downloaded this app, it will be automatically installed in your pc. Now you will see “installed” message under the whatsapp icon on your screen. Just click it to open whatsapp messenger app.

  • Verification for Pc;

After you have done this whole procedure now nothing more is left. Just verify yourself their and your whatsapp pc is ready to use. To do this first of all you have to agree with conditions and terms of whatsapp then they will show an option about asking your contact number and then they will send you the verification code to fill but sometimes it’s late or anything like this happen then go to the resend option and they will send you a new verification code to fill but for this verification you must have the contact number access that you have entered before because otherwise off course you can’t verify it.

 Now you can use whatsapp on your pc and it will help you too much, especially when your phone is not working or you have a problem which could be something else or you receive. a lot of data which you want to have on your pc then I’m sure you are going to thank me for this tip. Enjoy now with whatsapp installed on your laptop or pc now you are free about whatsapp whether you have your cell phone with you or not.          


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