Instagram Features and Uses


In this growing age of technology and the internet, social made has emerged as the most engaging factor in our lives. Social media is a kind of electronic community in which people interact through websites and applications. Social media users are frequently keeping themselves connected via the continuous sharing of life events and the promotion of businesses. Instagram holds an over the whelming position in this enormously crowded pool of social media applications.

Significance of Instagram:

So let’s start with why Instagram is deemed as the most standing out application? The apparent reason behind this is that Instagram allows a person to share their life events, entertainment content, adventure, and much more in the pictorial form.

Instagram is becoming the most downloaded application among social media users as it offers cool editing filters that update frequently and does not let you get bored.

People use the platform for blogging:

The majority of the users use Instagram to satisfy the need for validation by posting. As a study shows that the satisfaction we get as a result of getting appreciation from our peers on social media equals the sensation of pleasure in our head. Although it sounds absurd, the appreciation given in this case works as a real kick for people.

Also, this much sharing of life events on Instagram allows one to present their thoughts freely. This, in particular, gains an audience for a user. The feel of being known and liked by a certain amount of people satisfies the people.

Some might use for an informational purpose:

A specific group of people also use this platform to post about politics and culture. It makes it so much easy for the audience to get informed by just reading a caption. This is the most common way of imparting information and educational stuff.

This also helps in the promotion of cultural values among people. The shared values and cultural thoughts also provoke harmony among people from different communities. The users also get a vast image of cultural stuff around the globe.

Instagram is a “big business”:

Instagram has grown as a significant business community in recent years. People post pictures from their life and start blogging about random stuff going in their lives. The bloggers get paid by reaching a certain number of followers, likes, and comments.

The bloggers work on different levels and put effort to create innovative content. The unique and daring stuff gets more views and is a win situation for the content creators.

The other hounds of influencers are those who promote other brand’s products. This category of influencers gets paid certainly depending on the brand. Some brands pay $10 per post, while others spend as much as $1000 or more per post.

As Instagram provides a bunch of business opportunities, the brands or business companies themselves start advertising their products. This massive social media platform supports its sales and helps them to expand their businesses.

Too much use of Instagram is alarming:

Despite being drooled over by social media junkies, why we hear about limiting the use of these applications by researchers all around the world? The staggering cases of depression, social anxiety, and violence are the results of approaching negatively to the content.

Some people get over-indulged in the usage of Instagram. They are scrolling for hours and hours and start comparing themselves with the influences. The influences, on the other hand, are faking hard to create a fancy illusion of their lives.

The bloggers and influences might preach positive and self-love in posts, but they are also being disturbed by exposing this information. The bloggers themselves get trapped in self-doubt, and there is always a constant pressure of being watched and noticed by the audience.

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