WhatsApp All Features Detail

Whatsapp has many useful and mind blowing features. Let’s have a look at it what they are and how we can use them and what is the function of each feature.

  1. Texting

Whatsapp is absolutely a fabulous app for chatting. U can text each other easily and there are many beautiful things u can do while texting which makes it more interesting for its users.


U can send smileys to your whatsapp contacts which makes the chat more attractive and interesting for the users.

*Texting styles;

 Whatsapp is having many beautiful styles for writing if you don’t know then focus on it. If you want that your texting style should not be simple then add these letters before your sentence ok. Let me show you this with an example;

*how are you?*

~What’s up buddy ~

And like this when you will send text message your style would be changed. It’s really a very stylish way. If you don’t know you must try it.

*single text to many people;

U can also select a single message to many people by just one click like many people do on different occasions E.G, New year’s event and on different religious and cultural events.

  1. Calling

That’s another astonishing characteristic of this app u can make different types of calls easily without any problem just by having an internet connection. Let’s look at their types;


U can make audio calls to your contacts easily without any hesitation and it’s free u just need internet access.


U can make video calls by this app by just one click and can see your loved ones and enjoy with them comfortably.

*Group calling;

Before sometime this feature of group calling came on this app by an update and it’s really awesome. U can talk to your family members and can contact with your fellows on video and audio calls. Everyone in just one frame. You are absolutely going to love it.

  1. Sharing Options;

U can share many things with your contacts using this app and I’m with a list of those things. Let’s have a look at them;

*Sharing data with PC;

We can also share our data of this app with our pc. That’s not a big deal, just go to whatsapp web on pc and then scan QR code by your mobile and then whatsapp will be simply on your PC and then share whatever you want.


One can easily send pictures by whatsapp  to other contacts just by one tap and if u want to take and send then simply click camera in whatsapp and then take pictures and just click the send button.


Sharing videos on whatsapp is not a big deal just open this app and then u go to sharing options and then click gallery and then share which video u like or want to share.


This feature had made many things more easy then before because u can send any sort of files without going to g mail now and just by selecting and pressing the send button.


You can share your location now with anyone just visit whatsapp sharing option and click share location and then your location will be opened and marked now simply send it and then the other person will follow the path and will be on your exact sent location.


You can directly send contact to other person because

Whatsapp opens it directly and the other person can save this contact easily in his phone.


There is a specific audio option in sharing options from that you can easily send audio clips which are in your phone either songs or recordings or whatever.

  1. Status;

U can also share your status with others. You can share it either they are pictures or videos but your video should be off 30 seconds if it’s long u can upload it in parts.

  • U can also set your status privacy in settings. You can select the contacts that you want to show your status and select unselect those from those you want to keep it private because there are a few things you want to keep private from few people.
  1. Groups;

If u want to join groups their groups there are many useful groups on whatsapp. It’s your interest that what you choose. It may be poetry, history, or any sports.

  • You can also create your own group and add your contacts like,

If u want to make a group of family just add your family members and enjoy!

You can also make class group and share your study material and updates that’s a wonderful feature.

  1. Business Use;

This app has also provided a business version for people.  Different companies and websites are using this and taking advantages from it. This has many important features like,

You can select a greeting message and it will be automatically sent to the people who will contact you and the companies also contact their clients by this app and they deal with them and sale or buy anything. This has facilitated many people and they are earning from it.

These were the important and useful features of this app.

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