WhatsApp Latest Tips & Tricks

Whatsapp has many useful tips and tricks which you often don’t know. There are so many mind blowing WhatsApp Tricks you will be amazed to know and you will look forward to try them.

In recent updates especially some wonderful features were added about many of you are not informed .Let’s having a look at them.

  • Share live location;

Do you guys know that you can also share your live location now with your friends? Like if you are going for shopping or anywhere and someone wants to find you and you don’t have time to wait then listen to me. You will send him your live location and he or she will track you down, let’s see how;

First of all open the chat that u want to send the live location then press attachment icon followed by location. On the next screen click the option share live location and select the time for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hour.

  • Convert whatsapp into a Diary;

What if I tell you that you can now convert this app into a diary or notepad? Let’s have a view of this amazing feature and see how it works.

First of all create a group to do this with any one of your friend and then take him out of group and know u are alone in this group but whatsapp will not delete this group. Name it diary or whatever u want and know write here whatever you want to write.

  • Bookmark Messages;

Like there are a few important messages you need to remember whatever case is E.G, It could be any date or some good restaurant suggested. Let’s see how we would do it;

First of all open the chats then open the specific chat and then open that specific message and now double tap on it or hold down and press star and your message will be bookmarked. Now you can find it in starred messages section.

  • How to Pin a chat;

If you want to pin a chat it will always be on top whether you receive new messages from any chat it will always be on top but you can pick only three important chats. If you forget to reply messages this is a very good idea. Let’s see how it works,

  1. For android long press chat then press pin at top of screen.
  2. For IOS press chat swipe left to right then pin chat.
  • Read Messages without blue ticks;

Sometimes you don’t want that sender should not know about my seeing of message but you want to read that there are simple ways.

  1. When u receive set your phone on airplane mode and turn off all connections and read it then erase the data of whatsapp from memory and now open connections.
  2. Another way is to add a whatsapp widget on your desktop and now reads the complete message from whatsapp and bewares off clicking it otherwise blue tick will be sent to the sender.
  • Send Messages without changing last seen;

Sometimes you want that your last seen should be old one and it should not change but you want to use whatsapp and send the message. It’s not much difficult if you know the trick let’s see it;

For this you need to have “Google assistant” for this purpose but in case you are not having it then open Google assistant by holding the Home button on your phone. Then tell the assistant to send a whatsapp message to my …contact by its name then it will ask about message?

Then record your message and do it’s confirmation.

  • FIND with whom u chat the most ;

You might be thinking someone your best person with whom you talk the most but we are having an exact way to find actually with whom you talk the most. Let’s have a look at it.

Simply just go to settings folder and then go in data and storage folder and then move to storage and then select contact and you will be informed the details.

  • Hide your Profile;

You can also hide your profile picture if you want to keep it private or don’t want to let it seen by few people or sometimes you are added in different groups where you don’t know everyone. Let me show you the way to go for it;

It’s very simple just open whatsapp and then go to its setting and then open the accounts folder and then the privacy folder and then select profile photo and save you changes.

  • Find out for how much time your message was seen;

Sometimes you are being ignored by few people and you got very angry and if you want to know that before how long before your message was seen if so see it. By the way it’s totally frustrating but sometimes you need it so learn this trick;

It’s very easy if you know it. Just go to specific chat and now that specific text and now press and hold it and then click the info “I” at the top.

  • Type using voice;

Do you guys know that you can also type by your voice because there are situations in which your hands are busy and then this feature facilitates you a lot if you know how to use it. Let’s have a look at how it works;

This time your phone’s keyboard is going to help you. Most of the keyboards have such options except some cases. Simply click voice typing icon on your keyboard which looks like a microphone and start saying whatever you won’t and it’s very fast.


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