Whatsapp Plus (A Revolution)


Yes we are here with another article to provide you with Whatsapp plus yes you can call it as a special version of whatsapp in which you can modify many features and it was basically created by a man named Rafalete in 2012 who was working in XDA.
In this article we will discuss briefly discuss about the features of whatsapp plus and advantages of whatsapp plus, how to download whatsapp plus and is whatsapp plus safe or not and what’s the difference between whatsapp and whatsapp plus. Now we will simply get into the article without any further discussion to our first topic is it safe or not than we will move to its downloading.

Is whatsapp plus safe or not?

Disastrously, we can’t express pointless to indicate that using WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe.
The APK record that you basically simply can download and present from our page is shielded and doesn’t contain any diseases or malware. We by and large put the records encouraged on our web through a cautious examination to guarantee that everyone downloads are protected, which in like manner goes for WhatsApp Plus. Nevertheless, the character of the application itself can make inquiries concerning its use, as it’s an application made without the assent of the fundamental code’s owner. That includes a a risk:
Uninstall WhatsApp account: using WhatsApp MODs incorporates that Facebook can blacklist our record, obliging us to uninstall the MOD and use the official client, if nothing continuously exceptional… Facebook is equipped for blacklist our record consistently if we infringe the organization’s terms and conditions of usage, much the same as that the case with using MODs. The realities exhibit that everyone these colossal bans have quite recently been carried on express occasions which of those applications have added against blacklist abilities to remain employable yet the danger of a gigantic blacklist stays sneaking and will happen inside the not all that removed future. But if u don’t want to use whatsapp plus you can use whatsapp and use these interesting features too may be you don’t know.

How to download whatsapp plus;

There has been a great deal of notice WhatsApp Plus. Here, we’ll give you ways it fluctuates from the fundamental structure so as that you will pick on the off chance that it justifies doing the switch.

WhatsApp Plus could similarly be a balanced interpretation of WhatsApp for Android, made by the Spanish originator Rafalete in 2012. The application is completely free so you just have to download it because it’s not paid, anyway the customer license is that an equivalent as WhatsApp. In like manner referenced as WhatsApp + or called as whatsapp plus holo, and features a blue image. You can download this app from here.

For IOS;

There is no much difficulty for using whatsapp+ for IOS users. Yes it was a problem because it’s not as easy to download as for android user but now I’m here to tell you about very simple way of downloading whatsapp+ for IOS without jailbreak. Follow simple steps which I have mentioned and download the app.
So the first step is to download Appvalley on your device and I’m also giving the link to download. Click here for downloading .
Now open setting on your device and then select General setting>Device management>click Trust valley.
Once the app gets installed on your device and opens it on search bar and look for whatsapp+.
Now after search click on the whatsapp+ and then you will be redirected and then click on the screen and it will be downloaded.

Key Features of Whatsapp plus;

1. You can change its theme (includes color, background and things like that)
2. You can also upload status more than 30 seconds.
3. Hide your read receipts of whatsapp.
4. Add many people to chats in groups.
5. Highly secure with passcode and other features for privacy problems.
6. You can also change the colour of text.
7. You can hide last seen with more privacy settings.
8. You can send music also.
9. Send videos till 30mb with extra fast speed.
10. User friendly with autoreply feature.

whatsapp plus

Advantages of whatsapp+;

WhatsApp notwithstanding is intently taking after WhatsApp yet with more other options. Use it, in case you should cover your online status, send pictures without pressure. Regardless, in the occasion that you’re concerned together with your assurance, by then better stick with one of a kind WhatsApp. Yes there are also many more advantages of whatsapp+ because it has introduced many new features which give you an edge while using.

Disadvantages of whatsapp+;

There is no main issue which you can call it as disadvantages but there are a few small things which can be called as drawback.
Let’s have a look at them. There are 3 main drawbacks of whatsapp plus….
The most important one is to uninstall whatsapp. This is a very clear step so we will not move to its detail.

2. Messages Backup;

On the off chance that you’re stressed over the limit of your messages and their fortifications, you’ve to be incredibly careful. WhatsApp Messenger uses a twofold fortification creation system that set aside fortifications on our phones inside space for taking care of and on Google Drive. For sure, inside the occasion of WhatsApp Plus and various MODs, the abilities to go over by methods for Google Drive don’t work. To have the choice to use it, you’ll need a record wayfarer, either on your phone or interfacing the last to your PC to have the choice to copy and extra the archives made by the support system. Plus, you’ll need to see the appreciation to work with it, whether or not from the MOD itself, on various MODs you decide to use or even on the official client. To have the choice to import the fortification in any of the past conditions, you’ll need to see the way to be holding each case.

3. Text Privacy;

Whatsapp plus
It’s hard to tell who is getting to have our conversations, whether or not they’re taking care of whatsapp’s genuine is that they have been or whether they are going on various servers that have nothing to endeavor to with Facebook, remaining vigorously impacted by the producers of these MODs or people charmed by our data. Truth be told we can’t be 100% secure with the reliability of our messages once we use the power application. By enduring its foundation and use, we’re in like a way enduring how WhatsApp Messenger can process our data, besides ensuring that messages are encoded all the way. Facebook is an American association that is said to arrange the USA’s national security office.


WhatsApp notwithstanding is undifferentiated from WhatsApp yet with more other options. Use it, if you should cover your online status, send pictures without pressure.

However, in the occasion that you’re concerned together with your security, by then better stick with remarkable WhatsApp. Thusly, are you finding a decent pace notwithstanding or would you foresee interesting WhatsApp to show. I would also suggest you too visit these interesting tips also.
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