WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2020

Upcoming tips and tricks

Whatsapp s considered as the most used app on the internet. It allows you to connect people from all over the world. You can enjoy both audio and video call with the help of an internet connection. Every year Whatsapp introduces various updates and tricks that allow the people to get more benefits from this application.

In 2020 the owner of this application is going to introduce various tips and tricks. It allows people to get more benefits. In this article, you will be able to know the upcoming tips and tricks of Whatsapp in 2020. Let’s check them out!

Latest Features of WhatsApp:

There is a wide range of features that the WhatsApp users are going to enjoy within 2020, and that is as follows:

  • WhatsApp ads 2019
  • QR Codes
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Group call shortcut
  • Consecutive voice messages
  • Media Preview

WhatsApp Ads:

Ads in WhatsApp are going to release soon. It will be a great benefit to the business holders to communicate easily

A WhatsApp ad is considered as the perfect platform by which the business professionals can easily advertise their products. They can also share the catalog of the products.

It allows professionals to run their business without any website. Most probably, this feature will be shown under the STATUS section of this application.

QR Codes: 

QR means Quick Response Codes that allow the people to share all contact details in a quick response. There is no need to type digit by digit. QR code is enough to scan all kinds of information quickly.

It is interesting to know that the QR feature is going to blast in 2020. This feature allows the user to login to Whatsapp on the desktop.


This trick allows the user to see the video link that is sent by your friends and relatives. It will be easy to watch the video in a box popping up over the chat window. You can easily save the multiple tabs on the recent costs.

Group Call Shortcut: 

Now the Whatsapp users can enjoy group video calling features. In this way, you can call a user and then tap on the group calling to avail of this exciting feature.

Consecutive Voice Messages:

This new trick on Whatsapp allows the automatic queuing of the voice messages. You need to select the play switch. By selecting the play button, all the voice notes will be sent to you in a row.

Media Preview:

This trick allows the users to preview all the received media through the notification. It also allows you to select the messages. Mobile media preview tricks also helps you to view the video, audio, and text message with opening the application.

Update Report on WhatsApp Ads:

According to the recent updates, it is revealed that Whatsapp as are going to release soon. It is expected to releases in 2020. You can easily see adds popup on your Whatsapp account. It is important to note that you have to use the account securely because everything can be hacked easily.

It is important t know that Whatsapp Ads feature includes both negative and positive impact on the users. People are undermined because of the privacy and security of the application.

On the other hand, it also provides real adventure to the users. There is no need to surf additional internet to view the recent ads in the market.

Here was the description of upcoming tips and tricks 2020. These forthcoming features allow you to get more advantages of this application, along with connecting the people. These next tricks are also helpful in business for the advertisement.

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